500+ loans – payday loans up to 20,000!

Is it possible to get payday loans for family benefits such as 500+? Often, if you have a few smaller family members, benefits or alimony are the only source of income because the time you spend looking after your children does not allow you to work. So is a 500 plus loan possible? There are quite a few companies that grant loans to clients without an employment contract. If you are borrowing for the first time, it is worth deciding to cooperate with the lender who has in his offer the first payday loan for free. This promotion will save up to several hundred dollars on payday pay.

Is it worth borrowing for 500+?

Whether it is worth reaching for payday loans online depends on the borrower’s situation. In the event that the benefits from the 500 plus program are your only source of income, be careful that repayment of your online loan will not be too problematic in the future. It should be remembered that the borrowed amount will have to be repaid sooner or later plus interest. The same applies to installment loans, because the monthly installment will probably be low, but the total costs will be high. The cost (usually higher) will be spread over time.

So before making a final decision about getting into debt, you should carefully analyze your economic situation. Thanks to this, in the future it will be possible to avoid indebtedness and to take out consolidation loans that cause even greater indebtedness.

500 plus loans without checking bases

When applying for a loan, it’s best to start with the company where we have the best chance of getting a loan. First of all, it will save a lot of time on completing long loan applications. Secondly, it sometimes happens that BIK scores may decrease after several negative decisions. However, this is not a rule and you should be careful with it. To help you get a quick payday loan for 500 plus, we’ve sorted our ranking so that it starts with companies where it’s easiest to get a loan.

If you don’t borrow often, you can get a free loan somewhere. It is worth taking this opportunity because it does not oblige you to anything (of course, apart from paying off the loan), and it can help you save a lot of money. When taking advantage of this opportunity, remember to pay the liability within the set time limit. Because if the customer exceeds the set date by up to one day, he will have to pay back the borrowed amount together with the additional costs, as in the case of a normal payday loan. If we want our databases not to be checked, it is best to look for a loan without BIK. It is also a good option for people already in debt looking for another commitment. However, we remind you – be careful not to fall into a spiral of debt!

500 plus – advantages and disadvantages

500 plus - advantages and disadvantages

In the case of the 500+ program, probably everyone will agree that it is helpful not only for mothers with children, but also for the Polish economy. What exactly is this program and how does it work? The assumptions of the program are very simple. $ 500 per month is awarded to each child. It is a non-refundable and non-binding benefit. Every mother has the right to it, up to the age of 18 by a child. This is to encourage young couples to change the model, quite popular in recent times, from 2 + 1 to 2 + 2 and more. In the future, a greater number of children means a greater number of hands to work and a driving force of the Polish economy. It is thanks to this that the country can develop.

In addition, every 500 dollars from the program will most likely be spent. More money left in stores and small businesses will also have a very positive impact on the economy. It is also worth noting that similar social programs have long existed in more developed countries, such as Germany, England and Sweden. However, each program, in addition to its advantages, also has disadvantages. Some say that for every 500+ data, the government will take 700. However, since the introduction of this aid program there have been no major tax changes, although almost four years have passed. It is worth noting that our neighbors in Lithuania took an example from this program. From January 2018, a similar social security benefit was introduced for every child under 18 years of age or studying under 21 years of age.

A loan for 500+ and alimony

A loan for 500+ and alimony

Who borrows for 500+? This is the entire cross section of society. So let’s find out who uses this social program first. In 2016, almost 2.8 million families, including 3.8 million children, benefited from the program. Families where one family works abroad can also benefit. According to lender reports, single mothers with children or people with lower incomes most often use social benefits payday loans. However, the majority are people under 25 years old. Although many people decide to have a child at this age, the lack of experience in money management is reflected in the home budget. Also at this age, separation between partners often occurs, and child support claims often take months. In this case, benefits are often not enough, and many people reach for payday pay.

Changes in 2019

Changes in 2019

From July 1, 2019, the Rodzina 500+ program has been significantly expanded and the benefit is granted to the first child . This means not only a larger number of program beneficiaries, but also an even better situation for those currently receiving benefits. Additional income increases the chance of getting a 500+ loan on good terms. The changes that have occurred in the program are described in detail in the article “How to fill out an application for 500+ for the first child”

In addition to the above 500+ loans, many people also choose payday loans without BIK and installment loans with a long repayment period.

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